M3N Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - Courses & Units (2022)

Refer below for information for INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS. You can also enquire online to check your eligibility.


The information on this page is for students who commenced in 2021. Updated information, including eligibility requirements and application closing dates for 2022 admissions, will be published in early August.

Please note that the MBBS is not part of the Schools Recommendation Program.

Domestic applicants who recently completed secondary education.

The minimum ATAR for this course, including any adjustments made for students from rural areas (see below), is 95. This is the minimum adjusted ATAR needed for your application to be considered.

Applicants must demonstrate satisfactory achievement in the following Tasmanian Senior Secondary subjects (or interstate equivalents).

One of:

  • Year 12 English (ENG315117); or
  • Year 12 English Literature (ENL315114); or
  • Year 12 English Writing (ENW315114); and
  • Year 12 Chemistry (CHM415115)

Prerequisites must have been completed within the last five years. If you have not met the Chemistry prerequisite you will be required to satisfactorily complete the UTAS Chemistry Foundation Unit or equivalent before you can enrol in the course.

Applicants must also have a University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) score greater than or equal to the 50th percentile. This score is based on the combined scores of the first four cognitive sections (1-4) and excluding the situational judgement test.

Additional requirements:

  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age at the date the course commences; and
  • Applicants must not have previously commenced tertiary study

Please note that admission to the MBBS is highly competitive and that achieving the minimum requirements above does not guarantee an offer for this course. Applicants who meet the entry requirements above are ranked by ATAR and offers made based on the number of places available.

Rural Area ATAR Adjustment

The University of Tasmania MBBS has a quota of 50% domestic rural students.

ATAR adjustment factors are available to rural applicants via the Rural Application Process (RAP). The maximum RAP adjustment is five ATAR points

Tasmanian Quota

To meet the UTAS mission of building a sustainable future workforce for Tasmania, at least 75% of domestic Yr12-leaver places in the 2021 intake and onwards will be offered to applicants who have completed a Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) or International Baccalaureate (IB) at a Tasmanian High School or Secondary College within the last 5 years of the course commencement date. Applicants must meet all other eligibility criteria and will be ranked by ATAR.

Domestic applicants with higher education study

Entry to the MBBS in 2021 and 2022 is restricted to current UTAS students enrolled in the Bachelor of Medical Research (commenced before 2020) via existing guaranteed and competitive entry pathways. Bachelor of Medical Research students should contact the School of Medicine in the first instance for advice on pathways.

For entry to the MBBS in 2023 onwards, applications will also be accepted from students who have completed any Australian Bachelor course or higher. Detailed entry requirements, including any grade point average or admissions test requirements, will be published in advance of the 2023 intake period.

Bachelor of Medical Research Preferred Pathway Scheme (for MBBS entry in 2023 onwards)

This is a highly competitive scheme and entry into the MBBS is not guaranteed.

From the 2023 intake there will be approximately 25 places for applicants with higher education study and 50% of these places will be allocated to students completing the UTAS Bachelor of Medical Research (BMedRes).

Application to the MBBS via the BMedRes preferred pathway will be available to students who enter the BMedRes course in 2020 or later. The first application round to enter the MBBS via the BMedRes Preferred Pathway will open in 2022. Students can only apply during their final year of study but must complete the BMedRes by the end of that year in order to be eligible for consideration. Applicants will be ranked on their academic results in the BMedRes course.

Detailed entry requirements, including any grade point average or admissions test pre-requisite requirements will be published in advance of the first intake period.

In order to be eligible under this pathway, applicants need to complete a full-time load (100 credit points in an academic year) with no failures and no credit or recognition of prior learning.

Please note again that this is a highly competitive scheme and entry into MBBS is not guaranteed.

Domestic applicants from all other educational backgrounds

Applicants are not eligible for consideration for the MBBS on the basis of VET / TAFE study or work and life experience.

You can enquire online for advice on alternative study options at UTAS.

Special Consideration

If your ability to access or participate in education has been affected by circumstances beyond your control, you can apply for special consideration as part of your application. We will consider a range of factors for special consideration, including economic hardship, serious medical condition or disability.

We only approve applications for special consideration where we are confident that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your studies. For example, for the MBBS, we cannot waive any of the subject prerequisite requirements.

Special consideration is not available for international applicants.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from all educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply using the Aboriginal Entry Application Process (AEAP).

The AEAP provides more flexible options for applicants to meet the entry criteria for the MBBS.


The Bonded Medical Program provides students with a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in a medical course at an Australian university in return for a commitment to work in eligible regional, rural and remote areas for a specified period after completion of their medical course. This commitment is referred to as a Return of Service Obligation (RoSO).

UTAS is required by the Commonwealth government to enrol approximately 30% of MBBS students each year into the Bonded Medical Program. Offers of bonded places are made to applicants who have recently completed secondary education, as well as those with previous higher education study.

Please note that the Bonded Medical Program does not provide scholarships.

It is recommended that students who receive a Bonded Medical Program offer seek independent advice about the program.

Participants of the Bonded Medical Program are subject toPart VD of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Act) and must abide by theHealth Insurance (Bonded Medical Program) Rule 2020 (Rule).

For recipients of a bonded offer, please access further information about the Bonded Medical Program available atwww1.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/reformed-bonded-programs.


Domestic applicants are required to sit the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) ANZ. When assessing your application into the MBBS we also consider your UCAT result to determine your eligibility for entry.

Important UCAT information:

  • The UCAT test takes place in July of the year you want to apply to attend University.
  • Registration and Booking is a 2-step process that takes place from March to May
  • Your UCAT score only lasts for 12 months and therefore can only be used for University admission in the year following the test (for example, 2020 test for entry in 2021). This means if you are not accepted into MBBS and decide to try again the following year, you will need to re-sit the UCAT.

This course includes compulsory work placements. All students must meet the course’s Safety in Practice Requirements before their first placement. This includes a National Police Record Check, Working with Children Registration and completion of a first aid certificate, among other requirements.

The safety in practice requirements are completed separately to the course admission application.

International Applicants
Academic Qualifications
  • Successful completion of an Australian year 12 program with a minimum ATAR score of 95 or equivalent*; AND
  • Chemistry; AND
  • ISAT or MCAT test results

*Equivalent secondary studies - minimum requirements

  • Australian Yr 12 ATAR: 95
  • QLD OP: 4
  • MUFY: 95%(Average best 4)
  • Trinity FY: 95%(Average best 4)
  • UNSWFP: GPA 9.5
  • WAUFP: CPS 75
  • IB: 36 (including bonus points)
  • GCE A Levels: AAA
  • UEC/MICSS: A1 average
  • Canadian High School Diploma or Secondary School Diploma (2003 onwards): 89
  • Indian CBSE/CICSE/All India State Board: 95%
  • Korean IKHCC: 3.7
  • Sri Lankan SLGCE: 15 (Aggregate of best 3 at the higher level)
  • South African Snr Cert: 32(Aggregate of 6 subjects at higher grade)
  • Thai Mattayom 6: 3.7

Aggregates and averages of grades will include prerequisite subjects.

Meeting minimum academic entry requirements does not guarantee entry into the program.
English Language Requirements
  • IELTS (Academic) Overall 7.0 (target no band less than 7.0), within the last 24 months; or
  • TOEFL (iBT) 100 (no skill below: Reading 25; Listening 25; Speaking 23; Writing 27) within the last 24 months; or
  • PTE Academic 65 with no score lower than 65 within the last 24 months; or
  • UTAS Access-English Level 7 - 70% (no individual score less than 70%) OR equivalent.
  • The ISAT test results must be provided by the relevant application closing date to be considered for entry.
  • A minimum overall percentile of 50% is required for ISAT. This test result will be used in combination with academic results to determine applicants' eligibility and ranking within applications received.
  • The MCAT test results must be provided by the relevant application closing date to be considered for entry.
  • Minimum score: 491. Taken within last 5 years
Application and Offer Deadlines
2021 Offer Round Application Closing Dates
  • Offer Round 1 - application closing date 4 June 2020
  • Offer Round 2 - application closing date 3 September 2020
  • Offer Round 3 - application closing date 10 December 2020
  • Offer Round 4 - application closing date 8 January 2021

Entry into the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree program is extremely competitive and applications will be ranked by a combination of academic results and ISAT test results. If you submitted your application on time, and you did not receive an offer or notification that you were not successful, your application will be held over for consideration in the next offer round. Offers will be made within two (2) weeks of the stated closing dates until all available places are filled.


Scholarship and bursary options may be available. Please review ourscholarships page for the most up to date information.

Application Fee

Applications submitted by international applicants applying for the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (M3N) degreesmust be accompanied by an Application Fee of AUD$110 (non-refundable) inclusive of GST.

  1. Submit your online application for Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (M3N)
  2. You will receive notification of your Web Reference Number once you press the 'Save or Submit' button on the online application. You will need to use this reference number when you make your Application Fee Payment via the Pay 24/7 online payment facility. Applicants who submit hardcopy applications will be notified of your UTAS Student ID number by email within a few days
  3. Proceed towww.geoforeducation.com/UTAS to make your application fee payment and ensure you enter your Web Reference Number or Student ID Number
  4. Select the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (M3N) course with the UTAS $110 Application Fee
  5. Once you have completed all of the above, please email a copy of your Pay 24/7 AUD$110 receipt and number toInternational.Admissions@utas.edu.au

Bachelor of Medicine applications will not be processed until you provide a copy of your application fee payment receipt.

AHPRA English language requirements for graduates of Medicine

TheAustralian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has announced that it is mandatory for all graduates seeking registration with the relevant National Board to demonstrate that they have achieved an overall IELTS score of 7.0. Those seeking registration as a Pharmacist should note that the overall IELTS score required for registration with the Pharmacy Board of Australia is 7.5. Please note that only Academic IELTS scores will be accepted and test results will generally need to have been obtained within the two years preceding the application for registration.

For more information on this announcement by theAHPRA, please see Registration Requirements.

Students intending to undertake a course leading to registration with a National Board regulated by AHPRA should also refer to the Registration Standards of the relevant health profession for full details of the requirements for health practitioners and students. Some National Boards have registration standards, codes and guidelines in addition to those listed at theAHPRA website.

Internship positions

Please note that International Students are not guaranteed an intern position in Australia following completion of the course. The intern year is necessary for full registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

Applying from Canada? Learn more about our Canadian pathway
  • Download more information about our Canadian Pathway (PDF 4.3MB.
  • Download FAQ about our Canadian Pathway (PDF 126KB).

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